About Me

I'm a software engineer based in Japan.

My work experience is quite diverse. Right now, I'm developing backend web applications in Python. In the past, I've worked on full-stack apps using Python, Node.js, and Vue.js, Windows and Mac desktop apps using C++, native Android and iOS apps, and other simple web apps using PHP and AngularJS.

When it comes to work, I believe in continuous learning and self-improvement, keeping it DRY and SOLID, using the right tool for the job, "leaving the campground cleaner than the way you found it", and using spaces over tabs.

As a way of motivating myself to get out more often and to get a bit of exercise, I do a bit of photography. I found that it's also a great way to unplug and to reboot my brain after a long, hard week.

I also like to read, and when I'm not out on a photowalk or glued to a keyboard working on some side project, I usually spend my time retreating into a book while drinking some hot tea and munching on a pack of chocolate chip cookies.

I enjoy eating spicy food, sushi, dark chocolate, pineapples, and almost anything that has cheese in it.


I'm mostly into scenic/landscape photography, but I'm also trying my hand at street photography. Here are some of my favorite shots (each photo links to their respective albums on Flickr). I also randomly post on Instagram.

  • Japan (2020)
  • Japan (2019)
  • Morocco
  • Japan (2018)
  • Japan (2017)
  • Hong Kong
  • Borobodur
  • Siem Reap
  • Seoul

Personal Projects

These side projects are mainly my way of teaching myself something new.